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What is going on then? 2-in Winterspring ...
ALT 21/01/2008
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What is going on then? 2-in Winterspring ... - Posted: 21.01.2008
good evening everyone ... degree of swelling in my winter running round And get a sudden the message is that in the near jmd. I was put on the computer and run "hello".
the name was to indicate a china man "psfdff" (or something) Level 1. nothing further thought and continued to run. suddenly appeared out of nowhere a lvl 2 warrior and ran pretty fast on the lake, the mobs did nothing the same about the attack, etc ... confusing situation.
as quickly as he came back he was gone ... what was that?

who had things to no blue, as you know it from GM, but I'll make me mean.

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ALT 21/01/2008
Avatar by oooYooo
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hard to say ..

but one probably speedhack or junk? ^ ^
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ALT 21/01/2008
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Was this a good video! Is a kind of hacker? Include but are quickly dispelled as they can!
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ALT 21/01/2008
Avatar by strife.
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Originally posted by Dany0 Post show
Was this a good video! Is a kind of hacker? Include but are quickly dispelled as they can!
Not all speed hacks
Some user will never / rarely banned, I like to refer to MMOwned - World of Warcraft Exploits, Hacks, Bots and Guides

(If that should be considered as advertising, please delete)
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ALT 21/01/2008
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but are also NEN nice z-axis of the hack is still undetected or so and I believe the same is capable
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