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ALT May 29, 2008
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polo1230 - Posted: 29/05/2008
polo1230 Verified supplier is now also a lot of fun wishes Admin
Best regards,

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ALT May 29, 2008
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Welcome to Polo's service level.

I would like to present you here my level service.

Wow Small Package

- 1-40
-60% Mount
- A gathering profession (geskillt as far as possible)
- Residual gold was erfarmt during lvln remains on the account

-> 50 €

Wow Package

- 1-60
- 60% mount and epic mount
- A gathering skill (skill 300)
- 500g

---> 70 €

Wow + BC Package

- Level 1-70
- 60% mount, epic mount and normal flying mount
- A gathering skill (Skill 375)
- About 1000g

---> 110 €

BC Package

- Level 60-70
- Normal flying mount (if there is Riding Skill)
- About 1000g
- A gathering skill (skill 375 is available as far as gathering skill)

Gold Package

With your gold is farmed char (available from level 68)

1k gold only 9 €

Professional package

There are also professions like geskillt but your mind should Char Lvl 65 or higher.

Price on request

There are also very happy to package's custom made to your requirements on request. (Eg. 58-70 or similar)

I currently offer No Honorable service.

Here are a few conditions or clarifications:

Other prizes may also be negotiated like.

During the service level your account should have enough play time to be present.

The exact duration of the service level can not, unfortunately, are not posted since 24/7 is to protect your accounts gebottet. (Unless it is desired).

Your account information will not be with 100% certainty to third parties.

During the level should service your account will be banned immediately and without hesitation she gets back the amount for each service. (But not for the account)

It is never too gebottet AFK.

Payment Options:

I akzepiere following payment methods:
- Paypal
- Moneybookers
- Transfer (to a Austrian bank account, but free of charge via the EU internal order)


- Here in the forum and PM
- ICQ 370513336 under
- E-mail [email protected]

Currently, free slots, inquiries contact us by MSN or PM.

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ALT 08.06.2008
Avatar by lolo
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Very nice touch, I just let him of a Warrior 19-55 lvln think, once he has made payment gelevlt, this service I class in advance! I think the thread up to date!
Fighting games are funny, I play WindowsXP now already more than 5 years and have not won more still.

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ALT June 26, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 136

Because unfortunately there are enough people here that do not want competitors or have the same or different in some way to tell on I pull up my lvl further back service.
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ALT July 10, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 136

Would like to announce the time being I'm on vacation now and then times when things have calmed down again offer my services. Vorraussichtlich from about 15:07:08
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ALT August 23, 2008
Registered since: Aug 2008
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Hello Polo1230 lvlst you again? would interrisiert
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ALT August 24, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 136

yes i lvl again you present yourself best by icq
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ALT September 15, 2008
Registered since: Sep 2008
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So Polo is only recommended, he was always accessible, has given good info, was friendly and he gave me all the way yet geskillt kürchnern to 300 = D So just great. went very quickly lvln
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ALT October 13, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 136


Death Knight Package
Lvl 1-55
Mount (60%)
Skinning Skill 300 (the service will automatically Mitgeskillt)
Gold remains on the residual char
preferred classes: Hunter, Warlock, Rogue and Pala *

Price: 50 € (Offer valid from 13.10.2008 - 22.10.200

* These classes are preferable because I want to allow hereby ye can play with the addon immediately radioed the Death Knight and the fastest with these classes.
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ALT October 13, 2008
Avatar by jeri987
Registered since: Jul 2008
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Real hammer offer!

Write me back in time icq ^ ^

As you can negotiate what determines
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