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Banned? New Service Level Special
ALT 27.01.2012
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Banned? New Service Level Special - Posted: 01/27/2012
Here's my offer for those who want to start again:

I was inactive for a long time - the reviews of my services is their level but still in my signature!

I have already leveled more than 400 accounts - see for yourself!
As your character will be leveled not tell me I would just cut his own flesh. However, I guarantee
that level of service will result in any temporary / permanent ban!

Race / class does not matter (except goblins)

1-80 - 50 € (Speedleveling! maximum 4 days)
80-85 - 35 € (depending on the character of 3-5 days)
Level 1-85 - 80 € (7-10 days)

Herbalism 1-525 - 12 €
Mining 1-525 - 12 €
Herbalism + Mining - 20 €

The only condition:

The new account must be recruited via advertise-friends and the character will be leveled on the server, Ysera the HORDE SIDE of ME.

Thanks Transfer / faction change her she can then move to your home server.

There is no entitlement to a minimum number of completed quests, equipment, or similar. All requests can be negotiated!


And how can I see you edited the title of a topic still can not stamp out the typo ^ ^

Last edited by Someday (01.27.2012 to 18: 50 (Watch)
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ALT 27.01.2012
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Battle of the claw

I find great about you .... Someday Is love meant.
It will also NEN make me like dude now advertise and then again all over again

People on Ebay gibs NEN bundle where all parts are inside WoW for 50 € is not running so the market for media.

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Hope you could help it a little
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ALT 27.01.2012
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Habs times you edited
Best regards,

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ALT 29.01.2012
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Thanks for correcting =)
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