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Rules of this section!
ALT June 21, 2007
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Rules of this section! - Posted: 21/06/2007

here may in principle each offering his services, I dissociate myself generally release from any legal claims (Among others), this section will by users for users operated that this forum is only a kind of mediator.

Each in some way use this service automatically accept the disclaimer, terms of use and this thread.

You want to get your account leveled?
- Write to the concerned user via PM, responded (in the thread), only if there are problems, of course, or even with praise, or opinions
- For safety, only users write to the threads of ME were opened

You want to offer service level or honor farms for others?

No problem, I would have gotten previously sent the following data from you via PM:
- First and last name
- Age
- Location (city, zip code, street)
- Telephone number (I'll call you!)
unique € 5 via Paypal "processing fee" to support ET
What do I want with the data?
It's simple to protect your no cheating the above.

Once I have all this data will I'll post an opening, Where you post the details of your Levelns - as before.
Best regards,

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