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Valley buk call farms profile
ALT 16.01.2012
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Valley buk call farms profile -Posted: 16.01.2012

Who would not want a Talbuk?

I've just created a small profile, where you kill the ogre in the small cave south of Halaa! Just let it go through, I still have not noticed any problems if you should notice that your report.

The profile includes (from Halaa! Was created only to have the profile completely) a BackToTown Path (repair man) and a Ressurection Path. To farm as efficiently as possible goes to the tab "Sell" and give to items that are not to be sold as "Obsidian Warbeads" one (you can exchange it for reputation!).

Oh and before I forget the Back2Town Path has been made for Alliance players.

Edit: Sorry was still a problem with Go2Town has been resolved!

Edit2: Had to run call "friendly 3000" after 3 hours, I now respectfully 12 000 The brands that you can farm for it as well use it for the Cenarion Circle! =)

Edit3: If you have any questions, please read this thread first!
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ALT 18.01.2012
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Thank you for your profile! Please add somewhere " C3% BCssen hin.html-profile" so that it is not constantly ask ...
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