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70 Gnome Warlock Epic offers & Tauren Druid 70 | Search Horde Warlock Crackle Trading areas 3 January 12, 2008 23: 48
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[B] 70 Orc Rogue full epic druid male +60 [S] Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest HORDE
ALT June 17, 2008
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[B] 70 Orc Rogue full epic druid male +60 [S] Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest HORDE -Posted: June 17, 2008
So here offer a DUDU at a tauren, is currently on heal with 1587 + heal, trans ready and naming free'm 1st owner of the ACC. The char is on a PVE server. Is totally bankrupt (200g or so yet), and also has no flying mount, only the flight form.

Professions: Leatherworking 368/375
Vz: 281/375

But also DMG-tank gear

T4 helmet
Loop of the Betrayer
Sonnenvergoldetet shoulder flap
Dark Cloak of the Marsh
Chestguard of Verschwöreres
Drachenlederarmschienen the defense
Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation
Belt of the tree healer
Midnight Greaves
Boots wagemutigens step
Band of Ursol
Eye of the Stalker
Fetish of the Fallen
Bladefist's breadth

then he still has 4/5 S1 heal equi for PVP, PVE and Heal equi. among other things.

Helm of Natural Regeneration
Vibrant chain posterity
Gargons Bracers of peaceful slumber
Mitts tree healer
Pantaloons of Penance
Violet Signet
Band of light veil
Essence of Märtyres
Well shock baton
Arans calming sapphire

Search NEN comparable Mage, Sorcerer or Shadow Priest, that is not a pure Botchar with green and blue equi, he should have to endure his nen Karafarmrun able or just have enough honor to be able to strike the merchants.

Oh forget there's still nen 60s thug on duraton Either way, NEN BC char before, NEN few things epic and the former things of the PVP call belohnugen, bears the Tittel "Legionnaire" Ingi to 361 and 306 to mining

Simply ne PM or log on ICQ

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