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| | Gametime charges 180 days | |
ALT 25/04/2010
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| | Gametime charges 180 days | | - Posted: 25/04/2010
World of Warcraft | 180 days Game Time | Quick and safe

Within max. 24 hours after receipt of payment, we will extend the playing time quota of your account by 180 days.
For technical reasons, we can charge only German accounts.
- No other fees!
- We guarantee a safe and fast handling, besides, of course not we log into the game, you can stay online all the time!

- German and German with a German IP service support!

- We place great value on a trusting relationship with your account information - we have no interest in your account ...

If a charge back there for the account, it must first be compensated for this service costs 15 € extra, no matter how much load there is back!

How it works:

You pay the / purchased items - exclusively via PayPal!
Then you send us your Battle.Net / World of Warcraft - Log data on paypal note or send an email [email protected]

If these two steps completed, we will invite to your account within no later than 24 hours!

More questions? Contacted us.

by email: [email protected], Or via:

ICQ: 430-304-742

MSN: [email protected]


Price: 30 € - Greeting. Jones!


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ALT 04.05.2010
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