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Swap 70th mage & 70 Warriors
ALT September 24, 2007
Registered since: Aug 2007
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Swap 70th mage & 70 Warriors - Posted: 24.09.2007
mage is 70% epic, which has feuerzauberset etc. .. was still about 750g

warrior has only rare because it's just equip my twink.

Seeking an undead priest or hexer.

icq: 197104504
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ALT September 24, 2007
Registered since: Sep 2007
Contributions: 7

you have exchanged with 2 acc acc with a 70 against a 70?
Horny offer the forum like that, I meld my time by icq
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ALT September 25, 2007
Registered since: Aug 2007
Contributions: 11

yes I exchange. It MUST be but a priest or hexer.

is because, the warrior and mage on a acc.

acc is paid until 10/24/08.

oh yeah, and so little faker. still have chance .. 'm original owner

when it comes to the exchange, is also the secret question (answer) exchanged.

ps it does not have to be undead. But the main thing is horde! server does not matter. can also be pve or pvp.

ps: my 2 chars are on ally side.
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ALT January 28, 2008
Registered since: Dec 2007
Contributions: 10

70 shadow priest undead've got you ma icq added me ^ ^
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