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Vk 70 Human Warrior
ALT 09/30/2007
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Vk 70 Human Warrior - Posted: 30/09/2007
Information about the acc

Server: Kil Jaeden
Horde or the Alliance: Alliance
Race: Human
Klasser: Warrior
Level: 70
M o W: W
Equip: Fast only Rar. She has a few parts from the non set pvp
Mount: Yes
Epic Mount: yes
Flying Mount: Yes
Epic Flying Mount: Yes

Heroic key: Yes 2xkeys
Before Q: Yes Kara

Professions: Blacksmith Yes 375 280 mining

Gold bar: approximately 1400Gold
Gold in items: about 200Gold

Twinks: yes a few intermediate 10-51

First: Not at all data Available
Gebottet: Yes, about 1 days
Noted: no. I do not know.

Icq for questions: 286496757
Email with questions: [email protected]

Asking price about 60 €
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ALT 09/30/2007
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Hey Mave would appreciate a link very arsenal. have interest. greeting marco
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ALT January 28, 2008
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If the offer yet? If so you have time added me on ICQ
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