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Mage lvl 62 Warlock or Hunter to Swap
ALT November 10, 2007
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Mage lvl 62 Warlock or Hunter to Swap - Posted: 10/11/2007
So want to have my human mage lvl 62 lvl 60 Hunter exchanged for min or hexer (fractional matter) but must BC
He is well equipt sometimes blue, sometimes green
Has 400g and is schneider (300 and furrier 310)
He has BC and is geskillt on fire!
Was gebottet but have every 2nd day ne visited ini !!
Has ne super great guild and is on a PvE server

4 Netherstofftaschen and 4 Bank places ...... so that's it then actually ask for pm
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ALT 01/27/2008
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Am very interresier haste ne icq number?
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ALT January 31, 2008
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respectful flipstar06 is a cheater
I bought him at lvl 34 days ago dudu 2-3 but it sends data jkeine account
€ 12 lost ....
a miserable cheat!!

DNAM mfg
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