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[Sell] 2 WoW accounts Kiwi Trading areas 0 06/27/2007 14: 56
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ALT January 23, 2008
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So as the title suggests, I am selling a total of 3 accounts. The Acocunts einzelnt I sell, but I list them here at all so that you may think you which account you want to buy.

First Account 70 Draenei Female Shaman (heal) / 70 Male Gnome Mage (Arcane Fire) (Alliance, PVE servers with good latency)

So the shaman is 4/5 T4 Equipt and 2/5 3 seasion (1400 arena points and 10k honor still exists).
He has about 10k mana ungebuffed and 8.6 k life. 10 785 armor which the physical damage by 50% reduzierst. 117 Resilience what the damage without crits again reduced by 2.97% and at critical strikes by 6%.
Helmet: Made / 3 seasion
Neck: Kara
Shoulders: t4
Cloak: 5 Series Instance
Chest: t4
Bracers: Kara
Gloves: T4 / 3 seasion
Belt: Serpentshrine Cavern or Tempest Keep, do not remember exactly.
Pants: t4
Shoes: 2 seasion PvP reward (honorary)
Ring: Ring Headless Horseman
Ring 2: Kara reputation
Jewelry: Quest (54 + heal and use again by 150)
Jewelry 2: 5-instance, use 59 + heal and mana cost decreased
Relic: Eröht small wave of healing heal by 79
Besides obvious sign of Kara (chest)
Main Hand: Blue + Heal from the AH for lvl 70
He also possessing the S1 maces (2hand) amplifier for Equip.
He is currently in 2 teams in the arena, he also can play on.

The Magician:

Here I do not want to list everything, because that would not be worthwhile. He's from lvl 60-70 Inzen equip and heaps of rubbish quest.

2 Account: elf priestess 70 (pve server)

He has 870 shadow damage bonus, some of Heroic Equip and manufactured items, some things like pvp s2 parts and pvp reward he has too. About. 20 000 honor he still possessing and 1000 arena points. The Equip I need not enumerate here because we at 870 Shadow damage can imagine what it looks like -> Full Epic You do with Mind Blast crits about 2600 under good conditions.

3 Account of the Rogue: 70 Female Human (pve server)

The villain has 2 parts t5 and 320 Resilience, 11k life and about 1500 attack power, for more informations write me a call, I can not currently log because the account has expired, then it would have to reactivate.
He, however, owning both 2 fist weapons, each with mongoose on it, the best rogue trinket in Serpentshrine Cavern.
He makes evisceration 4000, also have screens.

My price range is prop, whatever is appropriate. However, I will not give away account for 100 €.

Best Offer PM to me

What has been done, the shaman has now 9k life.

Incidentally, I own all of the data.

The accounts are ALL played by hand! And no.

push push push!

Sorry typo, of course, only Gladiator Season 1 set

Account is still there

puuuush! Shami has now share 3/5 S3. (9k live)
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ALT January 23, 2008
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verkaufsten why the 3 accounts?
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ALT January 23, 2008
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Probably is my affair
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ALT January 23, 2008
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If the accounts by hand or with the bot leveled?

And you were once admonished to one of your accounts banned (or at all) or have you been for a few hours?
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ALT February 1, 2008
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Please make the push, thank you ..
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Welcome back
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