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Search Rogue Mage Sorcerer | Offer Night Elf Hunter and Twinks
ALT 01/27/2008
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Search Rogue Mage Sorcerer | Offer Night Elf Hunter and Twinks - Posted: 27.01.2008
I want to replace my lvl 63 Night Elf Hunter against a Schuken 60+ Org ...
On the acc are still fiehle Twinks so at lvl 16-37 ....
The main Char is on the PvE server and two twinks are on a PvP server ... a 37Schurke and a 11Mage .... all other twinks are on the PvE server ..... including a 28Druid and a 19schurke PvPTwink and still fiehle other twinks ... ^^ The 37Schurke and 11Mage include the Horde to the rest belongs to the alliance. The hunter has a PvPteil and is complet Rar equipt all other twinks are durschnitlich equipt scarce and rare.

I am looking for:
Org a rogue 60 + .... (would suit me the best)
an undead sorcerer 50 + .... (also good)
a troll mage 40 + .... (for me)

Any other suggestions I can hear me gladly. Important to me is only the Char's the brats in the Horde and on a PvP server are (preferably Rajaxx)

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