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Exchange Mage
ALT January 29, 2008
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Exchange Mage - Posted: 29/01/2008

I would like to exchange my human mage ^ ^

It is a T4/T5 equippter Firemage, the pve ready for all 25 inis, except Bt, is.
He is on a top German PvE Servers (Antonidas)
For more information brief:
-The 1kplus dmg and 31% crit
-Epic flying mount (280%)
-To have lots of badges (70 hcmarken)
S2-two parts
Professions (herb 375, 375 first aid, cooking, 375, Cooking375, ing330)
-Additional 1k gold
Name change-ready
Transfer ready, unfortunately only from 14th March

On the acc is still a horde shami (60) and warrior (50)

for everything else pls pm by report ^ ^

Soo I look for a Paladin ally (with correspondingly good addheal ^ ^)
ally or priest (shadow or heal)

listen to me but to love other suggestions auhc


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ALT January 29, 2008
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ALT January 29, 2008
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Mhh, vll he tries to get us over the ear to carve like my Vorposter vll has suggested
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ALT January 29, 2008
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um, am new here ^ ^ what is wrong with my text Nich or how you come to believe?
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