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Horde: Acc exchange, (m) Orc Shurke and (m) Troll Mage
ALT January 31, 2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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Horde: Acc exchange, (m) Orc Shurke and (m) Troll Mage -Posted: January 31, 2008
Hi, would like my wow account for an exchange, have a 70 (m) ork shurke, a 63 (m) troll magician, a 52 (m) troll hunter and a 40 (m) tauren warrior and another 2 smaller twinks ^^

-transver is ready
-all on a server (pvp)


-so 4/5 s1 parts (pvp) // head, shoulders, hands and legs
-Chest meuchelmordbrustplatte (pve)
Belts and armschine veteran items (pvp)
Weapons: s1 mace main
s1 mace off
s1 dagger off
night sword (dagger - pve)
s2 fist weapon + mungo off

ring and jewelry: insigine the horde and 3 blue items

occupations lederer 1/375 ^^
furrier 10/375 ^^
1hilfe 375/375

currently 15000 honorable available (ie the 5th part of s1 immediately anschaffbar)

20 g available

-------------------------------------------------- --------

mfg BootRoot, if you are interested write icq (340962155)

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

aso looking ^^ 70 undead mage or a 7o kriger (any class, even here undead and orc preferred ^^)

Last edited by BootRoot (31/01/2008 at 14:52 (Watch)
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ALT January 31, 2008
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what do you want for have for chars?

Ask no. questions; Read hear no.!
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ALT January 31, 2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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aw -Posted: January 31, 2008
So yes wenns NEN NEN undead mage or warrior / going no matter what folk ^^), but must be horde and trans-ready and equip me is so zeimlich matter ^^

mfg BootRoot
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