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65Schurke PvPset Compline.
ALT February 1, 2008
Posts by Valo
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65Schurke PvPset Compline. - Posted: 01.02.2008
Hey people!

I would like to swap my lvl 65Schurken (man) with complete PvPset ....
He has Enchanting: 264skill alchemy: 110skill
RaR complete equipt fat and 2 weapons xD
Twinks: 26 mage, 20 humter, 19PvPschurke, 16schamie, 12 priest ..
ICQ for more info :386-503-836

I'm looking for!

60 + gnome mage (would suit me best)
55 + troll schamie (Never would have had like)
55 + Org Rogue (Hät I like too)
55 + warlock race does not matter (most like gnome)

Listen to me auber also like all the other offerings on ^ ^
Writes .. just ..

MFG: Valo
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