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[B] top Guild Wars account [S] WoW account
ALT February 1, 2008
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[B] top Guild Wars account [S] WoW account - Posted: 01.02.2008
Description The seller is responsible for this offer.

Product Features


I offer a GW acc following Chars:
20 Ritualist with exotic rüssi
20 Ele prestige Rüssi
20 Waldi with Rüssi refuge from the sun spears
20 warrior with Prestige Rüssi
20. Monk with a white and a black rüssi rüssi perf casterschwert etc
Casterschwert 6 Mesmer Droknar rüssi + perf

The Acc-ranking 3 almost 4
The Acc been maintained by me 1.5 years!

All addons available: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North (160 €)


Mage (Or else but then very good Rüssi)
only PvP Server
only alliance
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ALT February 1, 2008
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Icq - Posted: 01.02.2008
My ICQ number:

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