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Sytos 09.02.2008 18:39

waurm lose my life so much hexer
my life has hexer 945 and 1821 mana and has become grade level 35

leuft think he just calibrated quite well why he loses so much to live?

ah yes piclock used final

YouTube - My WoW Bot 2

Love-hate relationship 09.02.2008 18:42

You should not fall down to as little life. So until lifetap bissl xx% higher.

Sony69 09.02.2008 18:42

may be due to bleeding? ^ ^

Sytos 09.02.2008 18:48

here is my config


Love-hate relationship 09.02.2008 18:50

jo do just as I said double time from lifetap

Sytos 09.02.2008 18:51

dann tapt der garnicht mehr :shock:

is it true what I have to set?

oooYooo 09.02.2008 18:51

no fear that runs everything perfectly so funzt the hexer

dots -> lifetap -> mana lost -> bleeding -> live less -> lifetap -> live longer etc etc

Sytos 09.02.2008 18:54

and this time my bars


have the standart config key of the pack in the final piclock zip / rar had

Love-hate relationship 09.02.2008 18:56

yes its only problem is its not the lifetap with the HP emanates from the mobs. Now if he stumbles on the next mob then he must reggen. therefore prefer 1x less lifetap and bissl longer fought for it and never have to reggen

Sytos 09.02.2008 18:57

wenn ich den hacken rausmache bei use dubbel.... dann macht der garnix mehr :roll:

Sytos 09.02.2008 19:14

% which values?

Sytos 09.02.2008 19:30

mann is das schwer mit hm zu gilden :-x

I sometimes buy things is to bring more life to it, or right?

I now live 1426 times behold obs now works

Sytos 09.02.2008 19:42

So now I have things to where postage is always with you now have stamina 40 (+70) and I live in 1426 when he now 3 times I go up to about Tapt 998 (70%) or down is good?

Well, sometimes up to 65%

NEN same time will re-upload video to behold what you think

Sytos 09.02.2008 19:50

ich benutz ja kein schatten..... :lol:

can help new talent distribution as well?

piw23 09.02.2008 19:53

mein hexer geht auch bis zu 45% leben runter zum mana reggen, das ist norm. dann holt er sich das leben vom mob und gut. besser als wasser und futter kaufen :)

Sytos 09.02.2008 19:55


Zitat von derrene (Beitrag 60526)
Take the way I did in the picolockguide
so I have brought up five warlock * me * matches the glaubs.

edit: you have as amor buff demon armor or demon but still skin?

I have deamon ammor rank 2 and am level 35

Sytos 09.02.2008 20:00

so hier das video :lol:

YouTube - My WoW Bot 3

edit I'm just unlearn talents so ready I will now test times obs works

Sytos 09.02.2008 20:55

so es ist soweit hier ist meine hexerin :p

trulala 09.02.2008 21:10

sieht doch gut aus das video :) oder bin ich blind? :D

coi 09.02.2008 21:24

It would also take a lower rank of lifetap taking

Xiam 09.02.2008 21:35

Itty little tip:
Quickly erase the video's .... Record the first video you can see your account name + Chr name.
When the bottle is in the hands but no more fun with your haste Hexi = (

oooYooo 09.02.2008 22:26

ja würde sie auch danach löschen :)

but usually not to look at those vids gms

Xiam 10.02.2008 01:16

Gm's are normal ned = D

Love-hate relationship 10.02.2008 01:58

Deputy once told how the% of mana before lifetap is cast later. so on ... 85% or so

Sytos 10.02.2008 09:24

wenns klappt werde ich ein groses video mit allen meinen einstellungen und wie ich wow eingestellt habe diesmal aber alles zensiert :lol:

Xiam 10.02.2008 10:18

What brings you to actually remove video? Mach Screens enough yet complete.

Sytos 10.02.2008 10:21

The video here

damit mann sieht was mann alles gemacht hat in wow und wie es leuft :D

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