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Warlock summon voidwalker no
ALT February 11, 2008
Registered since: Aug 2007
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Warlock summon voidwalker no - Posted: 11/02/2008
Hello. After a long time I have to ask again here ne question because I do not come on.

And while my warlock summon Voidwalker not when I start. It is only the message "You do not have a companion." Soul stones are present and the Keys or bars assignment I've already checked umpteen times. Sufu has unfortunately brought me nothing. (So sorrry if it was already on there)

If I implore the hand is just fine.

Well maybe it's just a little something for you, but I stand completely straight on the tube ^ ^

Many greetings Fossy

PS some of the members here in the forum. Pls use times Meaningful title. If you "My warlock is not" by x posts with the title "Sorcerer problem" and must fight through .... well ... there really is suffering an overview. Think just the fact that many double posts can be avoided and the admin would not have to constantly refer to the Sufu because it has asked for 100 times the same question that was answered long ago here. (Should only be ne-intentioned friendly suggestion. Not the one I like the roof rises) ^ ^
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Has been done ...
ALT February 11, 2008
Registered since: Aug 2007
Contributions: 14

Has been done ... - Posted: 11/02/2008
Did the problem but can not solve it, but am now switched to ne CC and lo and behold, it sparks ^ ^. (The first one that I use CC)

Must say, really great. Am fully satisfied until now.

A big thanks and praise to the guide pointed Piclock of Derrene. Real good job.

Much Greetings Fossy
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