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ALT February 24, 2008
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Originally posted by oooYooo Post show
Sytos what did you do?

with me funzt the "wait for pet" that is not .. even if I change it in the config ..

what number are you there?

was not
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ALT February 24, 2008
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Can anyone tell me whether the version 2.12 and PvP Support? I always get error messages ... to mount works but problems with Picloc 2:12 I boot with just 2:17 version for PvP, because, unfortunately, does not work .... the mount

Oh what can I still wanted to ask, can someone give me the link where sometimes you suck Leetlock? Did Sufu genutz but there came out only instructions and settings for LL ...
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ALT February 24, 2008
Registered since: Dec 2007
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2:17 relese -> no mount
But much worse I feel the pullrange. The Sorcerer runs through half of bg and pursues a player and then brings aufgemounteten teleport alarm.
Just as he runs behind a target between 20 different players from the target without first draining (which works! Parrior the best)
Can anyone help this target range (not just pullrange set to 30 Shortening)?
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ALT May 17, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 47

I just botte with 2.17.
Is there now a new version? I found the setting in 1.4, so good, where you could adjust when each cast is magic ..

2.Fluch of Agony
3rd ...

This can be set at 2.17 not so. Or?
Furthermore, I have always this error:
Casting: Armor buff
* GInterfaceHelper.GetByKeyName failed on "PL.ArmorBuff", exception: No such object UI in game: "ActionButton0"
Resetting Adds

The armor buff, I always have to do manually what I have done wrong?

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ALT May 18, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 47

Hi, again
Can it be that attracts 2:17 no soul shard?
Key is properly occupied, Keys also checked.

Where should I set the for 2.17?

Answers about I would be very happy.

Gold on Alleria available, please email.
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