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OOberwarlock problem
ALT March 10, 2008
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OOberwarlock problem - Posted: 10/03/2008
Hey guys

Because I get it with 217 net Piclock out that he did aufmountet due to the generally known fault.

I wanted to download the pvpbotten Oober Warlock.

In us the forum was not a problem-but unfortunately I get when loading the glider msg: line 0, Columen 0: Metadata file WowTraingles.dll was not found.

I have it but try out ma x bekomms simple net.

For quick help would be appreciated.

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ALT March 10, 2008
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you have the version WITH ooberwarlock loaded ppather ..

I've also seen in the thread, apparently the type hats scheduled to link the old version correctly
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