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Warlock problem with Felguard..?
ALT March 21, 2008
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Warlock problem with Felguard..? - Posted: 21.03.2008
So, let behold if someone knows herewith, the following problem I noticed is ...

I then used the "German" Warlock Guide by Picotto, Glider 1.5.7 and 2:17 PL were also wunderbarst, then with 50 umgespecct the Felguard (as described in the Guide), here began the first problems was always the error message "Error: Can not count Soul Shards"Glider and hung at irregular intervals with the message"ReadProcessMemory [objectnamenb] failed to read @ 212 - did WoW exit?"(I'm now no longer log available, at least he seems to have cleared out again ), Sometimes after 50 kills, sometimes already have one or two.

In the meantime, I once changed the Pather version, but again the problems persisted (with OOberWarlock and LeetLock). Then, for fun times with NEN Hunter created geglidet OOberHunter and had no problems, so I thought great, maybe it funzt again, but No way, the same problems as before.

Then in the forum and read through everything, as suggested all addons killed, reinstalled WoW, reinstalled Glider (now 1.5.8 RC4 it) but again no improvement.

The last two days, once made bisserl PvP and was not as enthusiastic as the Felguard is good with her short sprint but I lack the Damage da se anyway to attack me. So again umgespecct on disability for all the dots and the Damage. Glider started up again today, and strangely enough, the error is not more of the Soul Shards and also crashed glider is still ned .........

Nothing changes, just loving back of demonology on disability, now I wonder why that is, that Glider abkackt at me with the Felguard something of hope one of you I can as help bisserl there for leveling the Felguard somewhat better (lasts aggro better with you ).

Urk, remember ...

Glider 1.5.7 (now 1.5.8 RC4)
OS: Vista 32bit German (no SP1 on it)
WoW: German client with active English language pack
(Hope I've now forgotten nothing more ...)

Greetings Moonie

Last edited by moonie (21.03.2008 to 20: 41 (Watch)
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