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Oowl in pvp
ALT March 29, 2008
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Oowl in pvp -Posted: March 29, 2008
Hello first time

Well this is my first treed, but let's look.

First I haber Oberwl spartacus and 0.2.1, which I have settings for sparti viedeguide of trulalas, and the funzt actually quite good for pvp ....

Second My warlock has a prob with his mount, if I am in av tunnel still, I'm spartacus Although set in, he will wait 90 seconds before he gets going, brings nothing but he already makes from the beginning, then ran silly against the gate, until glider off, then 15 sec break it up and then starts again, he runs to the other end of the tunnel and then back to the gate, which is now open, but this is where my real prob .... (Setting is "distance mount")

when he is out of the tunnel would be great if he is to mount the same.
But he does not, in a profile, he runs away, and mounts up to down there, the other half stretch, both net well I think!

Third Fight so he has it with net so if he was encountering in the NEM mount hordi then he mounts decrease, the first thing he does is stupid but an extended wichtel to summon but although he is struggling with the Felguard! Whether he has soul shatter them or not is no matter here. Settings are also not got anything out of use of "pet attack", "Use Fel Domination", "Use link Soul" (wait for pet 100ms).

So it would be really nice of you if someone has the experience could tell me what should I change so maybe the good way is ...
if someone tells me how I do this with the screens hinbekomme of my attitude, then I'll post the course also like ...

would also accept other compatible mount cc ne ...

PS: Almost forgot, if he reittet, he reittet Sun 200 meters then he runs back a bit (in circle) and then all over again, is on the profile?
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