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Problem with OOberwarlock please help!!
ALT 07.04.2008
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Problem with OOberwarlock please help!! - Posted: 07/04/2008
Hello together

I just want a warlock to lvl 70 UD gliding (currently 23).

I use the CC OOberwarlock but I have a few questions rel. Problems:

1) My warlock is always drain soul and puts an infinite number of SS so goes my inventory, what can I do?

2) Where and how can I set it, how many SS he should draw from and when to take a GS, etc. ..

Währe very grateful for your help

Equip 70 Druid MH & BT + 46 UD Walock Banned 19-05-2008

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ALT April 10, 2008
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Kannste you download from curse gaming, as set kannse how many he should draw soul shatter.
Has worked out great for me
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