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Lolo 24.04.2008 19:57

At what lvl a custom class?
Hi all
I've been playing recently, a sorcerer. Now I want to know at what lvl you should use a CC, I'm the mom 15, and above all that, because I've already read a lot here about positive and negative. With what cc you get so about the most exp \\ h?



Sedryn 24.04.2008 20:00

Ist schon mit level 1 sinnvoll :D

Lolo 24.04.2008 20:01

and what cc?

Sedryn 24.04.2008 20:06

Warlock: http://wow.glider-forum.de/f106/howt...4-a-11382.html

Edit: Warlock ² http://wow.glider-forum.de/f106/howt...ide-11390.html

Lolo 24.04.2008 20:15

brings me so much real ^ ^ ne scho clear but with what I get the best cc exp rates?

generation311287 24.04.2008 20:17

at times ne ask what lvl can I use for example oober classes? or other classes?

Lolo 24.04.2008 20:29

from one level

Love-hate relationship 24.04.2008 20:34

lolo is a matter of taste ... I also preferred piclock

Arbre 24.04.2008 20:36

Me too, but there are already massive thread where the pros and cons were listed and opinions, Bissel browse, then find have already been several threads started the ganauso.


Sedryn 24.04.2008 20:36

Es bringt zwar nicht unbedingt was mit Level 1 weil man kaum Fähigkeiten hat :D aber für CC ist es nie zu Früh :D

Lolo 24.04.2008 21:00

k so I try to ma ^ ^ piclock

generation311287 24.04.2008 21:31

oh sry i was just confused when I need to write as well as elite or is the normal glider?

s3kk3l 24.04.2008 21:38


Zitat von generation311287 (Beitrag 92690)
oh sry i was just confused when I need to write as well as elite or is the normal glider?

CC only get updated very often at elite

martin1701 25.05.2008 11:27

When to rebuild because the bars for the CC? If I like the bars without gliding given receipts and then builds the bot anschmeiße of the bars to get back. What am I doing wrong?

mr sp0ck 12.06.2008 16:53

builds on the bars automatically for you
this is so cool
even have glider elite but it is automatically nciht ^ ^

Zackizack 21.08.2008 18:13

bin immer der fan von bis zum leerwandler per hand zu spielen, oder notfalls mal von 7-9 sehr einfache profile zu botten, mit dem leerwandler kann man dann ganz gut loslegen ;-)

hazzilein 21.08.2008 18:20

Skillen to remember 30% more aggro from the Voidwalker or you get problems later! So few points in tree demons.

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