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Sorcerer sacrifices converter stendich
ALT 03.06.2008
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
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Sorcerer sacrifices converter stendich - Posted: 03/06/2008
Hello dear people!!

The facts
LvL 24 Undead hexer
Gilderversion: Glider 1.6.2 Final (I have no elite or some other program that supports Gilder)

Description of my problem:
If I start gilder, leuft everything as it should .. Buff makes himself the ne HS and starts. Once it but for three Mop comes he starts to make nonsense ... either he sacrifices his battle AFTER the converter and leuft without negsten Mop (which means certain death), or he makes the converter stay on (we all know what pasier when the distance between Pat and Char wid too much -. -)

I'm still hir what Gilder ausspukt me .... was indeed one of you is really the wiser ... and can help me

Gained 173 experience.
Turbo loot!
Lootable is gone, looks good
Will attempt to get a shard from this monster
Combat is done
Gained 182 experience.
Turbo loot!
Lootable is gone, looks good
Trying buggy Consume Shadows
Consume Shadows does not seem to be starting, might try again
Consume Shadows does not seem to be starting, might try again

Thx Gabba
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ALT 03.06.2008
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castbar occupied the wrong converter. ma exchange "consume shadows" with "Sacrifice"
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