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Warlock PVP CC
ALT July 27, 2008
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Warlock PVP CC -Posted: July 27, 2008
Hi guys,
I'm the last two days on browse the forum for a good Warlock PVP CC ...
My biggest problem-actually I'm looking for is a CC where funzt mount and my toon does not run around like a trunk bold (I hope you know what I mean) ^ ^
Besides these, he breaks from the gliding after he died 1 time in BG .. there is no error message or anything just demolition by glider.

If you want to have a glider log says modest because of the "drunk" run around ...

Achso what is still important:
- I've read many TUTS ... among other things, etc. .. from Trulala
- I use spartacus v.0.2.3 (I am running to book now at best, would be grateful for suggestions of things better)
-I can not login with my glider key in ami forum for whatever reason, so I can not even download because of the CC's ...

So if someone would be so nice here in this thread and attach one or two CCs as a download would be the case at all for me a + rep worthy ^ ^ ^ ^
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