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zlock new version! 1.1.0
ALT July 31, 2008
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zlock new version! 1.1.0 - Posted: 31/07/2008
here the new version 1.1.0!



- No more double casting on some dots
- Dots every add is activated when management adds
- Check when fear and dots fade out on adds, better than in previous releases
- Now moves to kill the last and do not add feared wait for it anymore
- Better management on pet adds
- Added an option in the config dialog to skip health funnel when dealing with adds
- Better management blacklist
- No more issues Wanding (Wanding while moving, Wanding blacklisted on target ...)
- Approach method rewritten (more natural approach on moving mobs in PvE)
- Dark Pact finally fixed
- Emergency skills are now used while casting dots
Fixed soulstone of Id on the lvl 70 -
- No more strange pet summon in combat in pvp is disabled in combat when resummon
- Switches target when one is immuned to your spells in pvp
- No more strange moves after blacklisting target in pvp
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