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Warlock BG
ALT Aug 9, 2008
Avatar by Halil_87
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Warlock BG - Posted: 09.08.2008
one is familiar with the warlock in BG is in contact with me I've Report problems with the glider were very nice thank schonmall
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ALT Aug 9, 2008
Avatar by trulala
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would also be nice if you could describe your problem only ....
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ALT 08/09/2008
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
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Battle of the claw

would be interested to know how the WL with the cc bg makes ...
cc which is particularly suitable for bg?
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ALT 08/09/2008
Avatar by UltimaDaddy
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WL is like Hunter, rear stand and make DMG go well in the BG.
WL = CC Zlock
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