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Action Bar and Warlock Spell
ALT September 12, 2008
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Action Bar and Warlock Spell - Posted: 12/09/2008
Hello, I have the normal glider and would like to make a different setting! Cryten has the normal settings! BAR 5 to 9 is CHAR Shadow Bolt! My Warlock, however, should only use the Shadow Bolt! Where do I need to Opions a hitch so that he makes as he engages with Shadowbolt Shadowbolt ='ve already looked at like I need the help would be much rewriting danbar for a quick help! Do I somehow skillen on a particular item?
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ALT September 12, 2008
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This is now the 3rd Thread from you about Warlock, you have the answers also reads in the other, or ask you're just learning or resistant?

Catching up with the times you let the gliders gliding, his is my advice to you. Every 2nd Day the same question but have not read your previous question, or a howto thread ...

Think about it.

Here if you forgot your other thread:

The funniest is the here, where you wonder why no new LSA to be taken, as if you are like the like. Lies you through times Amion his answer, and you will look at your questions in the forum, so no one ever give a service to you in order.

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