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ZLock health / mana / Drain Life / Life Tap Settings
ALT October 21, 2008
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ZLock health / mana / Drain Life / Life Tap Settings -Posted: October 21, 2008
Yes I have problems as described above to find the right settings for my warlock. When adjusting the I Health / Mana values too high, he dottet not everything and used the wall ... although he has enough mana ...
Have now played around so much it only through war is not optimal ...
My warlock has 4153 health and 5414 mana ....
Would be very nice because I'll help get shut with level 62 in Hellfire Peninsula "only" 30k ep / h ..
Maybe you kind enough to help me

MFG Birdy
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ALT 03.11.2008
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Hoi I'll use but no zlock but maybe I can help ... CUSTOM picklock.
I got my hp to 1%
and mp 20% off because it makes also use adlerass <<
and for the hp he used leeches and this attacke as primary flight that my warlock is not too much mp cast gets casted it only to 40% from the mob and the rest done pet my what fills up so I eig always full hp and mana wenns brennslig for pet will he live beutzt line and contribute to low hp then the health stone ...

So if you're normally at monster aggro net do you go to hp ress to 1% and 20% adlerass an using live suckers .... takes away time sitting down to make more than Bissell less dmg because blood-suckers º º
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