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piclock probs
ALT 09.11.2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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Battle of the claw

piclock probs - Posted: 09/11/2008
Hy I try to use the wall that is shot is unfortunately not the correct patch for Piclock since 2:03

at least he tried to shoot quickly so it breaks even more from the committee!

I've already written a macro

/ Cast! Shoot

However, the klapt not really off, and he shoots but while he still tried so many times and breaks from heufig!
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ALT 09.11.2008
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Change the assignment of item at the game, then it should work the shootings as it is right.
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ALT November 15, 2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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Battle of the claw

mhh klapt net!

I want to add keys to spell, and in what Kubrick spel in there?

provide at least just to spell is the same character is before drinne!

ammi forum

keys -> PL.Wand-> type: item - spell>: 0x0 (no such spell 0x0)

net is also true!

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