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CC's latest Sorcerer
ALT 04.01.2009
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
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CC's latest Sorcerer - Posted: 04.01.2009
Hello and Happy New ...

Would it be possible that one can still get the latest CC's of the sorcerer or at least give some of ZLock?
As a download because I can not access the Amiforum because my key is already in use by another member.

Would be really nice,

Birdy-mfg weighed
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Online now!
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ALT 04.01.2009
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Here, Please ...
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ALT 04.01.2009
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
Contributions: 16

Thank you Super!

Have a good evening!
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ALT January 20, 2009
Registered since: Dec 2007
Contributions: 62

just a question of ZLock

If it has three dots on it has (set by me so) he wants to switch to the wand. This CD still het the wand because the DoT was cast, and thus he is waiting there and then simply reports that the ability is still nciht ready and then do nothing in the meantime. However ZLock not recognize that the wand does not work and says he already shoots.

Where do I make a setting to prevent this from happening, so he calculated the GCD and briefly comes up with the magic wand?

So long
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Welcome back
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