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Search skillungen 3.0.2!
ALT October 16, 2008
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Search skillungen 3.0.2! - Posted: 16/10/2008
Nabend people

can you give me maybe a decent skillung (would be nice pictures with the purpose of distribution) for

First Rogue lvl. 63 (sword + dagger)
Second warlock lvl. 70 because the devil wake demoskillung
Third mage lvl. 70 frost or fire

. recommend

hope you can help me there.
bye BDevil1980
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ALT October 16, 2008
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look here for, here you get the news to all classes and beispielskillungen. 've looked over it once and actually managed to find the relatively sensible and well

WoW: The patch panel with current Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

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