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My opinion
ALT 30.09.2010
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My opinion -Posted in: 30.09.2010
I have the bot as test just run. Thank you for the test-acc.

I have tested several bots, but nothing was ran today on the glider.

again and again I had to intervene. hier mal hängengelieben da times incorrectly the spell used.

as mentioned I have the aoi - asked just as test run on a pala-mensch.

what I have.... made offered and discontinued after viedo guidance.

then created a pala and go.

the bot has been running for 5 h without probs. geil....

too bad I find it that it is not possible the bot itself to the coach to run or he automatically better rüssi uses this.... or I have the still gefuunde?

so I can already tell. the bot when it offered class is so on questet then, it is a good alternative to other bots.

have fun and no warden
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ALT 30.09.2010
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Hello and welcome to the Forum

Thank you for the flowers! You have course right that something is missing, but the developers have promised that after the cataclysm release nor many interesting things will come.

for example:
-Daily quests complete
automatically select improved equipment (in the quest to provide) and also attract
-Make Klassenquests
-the trainer running

The thing it's still not perfect, but is constantly tuned worked.

Best regards,

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