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FairPlay of the new glider?
ALT 16/10/2010
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FairPlay of the new glider? - Posted: 16/10/2010
After I have tested extensively the bot, I will write my impressions now auchmal to one or perhaps to help decide whether he should buy the bot or not.

To say it in advance to schonmal: In my opinion, the FairPlayBot BETTER Glider as it ever was. Maybe there were not many problems with Glider that have occurred, BUT grind the grind function for fair play your characters can easily gone gold farms, farming items, etc. NO problems. In addition there are all sorts of useful things (abfarmen instances, BG's farms, etc.).

I simply tell my story once, I've come to FairPlayBot and how the time just with him.

Eventually, I had by chance once scoured my old e-mail address because I was looking for an email. Since I saw that I had written our dear admin e-mail that it offers a new bot. Since I had to have nothing better to do, I clicked on the link and I read everything, 10mins later walked out my order and payment by PayPal.

But what exactly made me to buy a bot? I had it all: a full 277 + Equippten Mage, a full 277 equippten druids, because then what you want even more? The answer is relatively simple: Raiden is expensive. And since I'm in training I have relatively little time farms, to farm gold for 2 chars ICC25er the HC. Furthermore, it is my goal to have every class to 80 to bring my best in my guild.

After I set everything, it went off, I decided hochbotten me on my old account a RetPala leave. After several shots, which I considered quite useful, we started thus: The Quest mode. The paladin led his steed from Quest to Quest and completed one after the other. The initial level of 60 was allowed to return quickly.

At level 70 I decided that I now try out the Grind Mode times. No sooner said than done. Until level 75 I grinded. Have made the car sell-settings and I have made over the five levels to the 5k gold.

The last 5 levels, I then (for this test, too) completed in Battle Ground mode. These 5 levels were not quite as fast, but I did not care, I just wanted to see how the mode is (in my opinion, you should not use this to level up farming but rather to 80 to honor).

When I was 80 I abgefarmt with the Paladin several instances in order to get gold. On average, I made the 200g an hour. Since the bot was running while I'm working, you can say that it is between 1.8 k and 2.2 k a day makes.

All in all, I must say that the bot is running very well and for me not only a worthy successor to the glider's, but rather a quantum leap forward.

Finally, I want to get rid of one more in the direction of admin: Thank you! Even though I've read in the chat almost always posts that you are not reachable, I must say that you've always helped me with major problems and I always stood by the side view team!

To put it simply time to be brief: The FairPlayBot is simply something for everyone! Easy to use, good support by the admin and constant updates. Especially with the new patch from WoW it will be easier to bring FairPlayBot characters to 80. I am a full supporter of the bot, the bot will become, and now simply the farms, what I want.

Next project: Diziplinpriest, 80, PvP

MfG Sams

Last edited by Sam (16/10/2010 at 17:46 (Watch)
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Online now!
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ALT 18.10.2010
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sounds almost too good and looks like eigenWerbung_en by a staff from here:>
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ALT 18.10.2010
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I can assure the

It is here garkeine employees. Throughout a 1-man company and Paulina is my friend.

Furthermore, once you've tried the program and the first time he used looks like a zeppelin, or by ferry or portal travels through cities, at least then you're just as convinced!
Best regards,

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Support? Contact!
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ALT 18.10.2010
Registered since: Jun 2009
Contributions: 167
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^ ^ I can also assure you that I am not an employee of our Admin. I'm just totally convinced ^ ^

Test yourself and convincing yourself or leave it
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