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Setting thing...More support needed
ALT 29.10.2010
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Setting thing...More support needed - Posted: 29/10/2010
Hey there!

I've been running for several days at the Fair Play Bot.

In the past I once had a glider, and was very excited because on every corner profiles and guides were and you could grind up each class quickly.

When Fairplay Bot AIO or I have a feeling all a matter of attitude, because my chars tested all had different performance.

I admit that patch 4.0.1 has some changes to classes, and I also hope that these changes are in there sometime in the FPB.

First Feral Druid level 30 char
I got this char equipped with green items, and I am with him in the Arathi Highlands where he was to grind from 30-35.
Currently he is nearing 35 and so far really REAL!
Two small drawbacks, Dornenbuff is not more 10 or 60 minutes but only 20 seconds, he pronounced buff always looking for.
Strangely, he did not mount ..

Second Char Rogue Level 8
According to procedure, he should kill the grind in the UD starting area mobs all around Brill, well disappointing way he runs the only mobs over and kills not, but will be turned over by them forever. So far he has not killed any mobs clean

Third Char Hunter 72
I got it from 72-74 in Dragonblight can grind spirits went super
From 74 I must find my first, was in Grizzly Hills test anyway once the car quest, but 5 sec was start after he died because he jumped out the guest house, the cliff, and his body, he has been looking into Dragonblight.

According to the procedure but he is to start questing in the guest house ...

What I want is the support that exists for each class a recruitment thread, what class is like the best.

Also, I'd like to have a summary procedure which work best

And I'd like to know how I can time farms, the hunter, he would still have to grind from 74-75 where the spirits, as I imagine one should he kill mobs too low? Resp. Procedure for low levels can grind?
Zb Pets farming in Azshara ...
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ALT 29.10.2010
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Honestly, everyone has used the glider will be totally overwhelmed by the FPB, there is so little set and it's all self explanatory.

Since we are currently stuck in the parade but the support, of course, not as I imagine myself of that will be further improved. We are also videos, create manuals, etc., until then there are the ICQ and MSN support when I really try to hold out the best for every customer.

On the subject of UD can be umklatschen ... did you put into the NEW auto attack last? What is the start of the character in it does NOT ALWAYS.
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