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AIO BOT and support consistently POSITIV!
ALT 19.12.2010
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AIO BOT and support consistently POSITIV! - Posted: 19/12/2010

I use the last few days (estimated 20-30) the AIO-Bot, so I do not have much time, he is really very useful, I know of, unfortunately, still not quite to the bot, so I always like to help mr. "- . - "and" seepage "as he says in Icq. Here my review:

A friend of mine showed me the bot and full of inspiration to me and I bought him whatever wiklich a successful investment was, on the edge.

Set the bot Grind, quester, apart from its own farm for, including the one it (if you can), or must it can be adjusted via TV (Team Viewer).

For the bot itself Sogut are not as noticeable defects from time to time he is depending on situartion stuck, or cowering in some corner.

The Farm & Quest behavior is very nicely coincided, one would never detect with the naked eye it is a bot of the character controls.

The support is really well. If you have a problem you just can. "- -" Icq write in one of the well, well .. "relatively quickly" to solve the problem and are responding.

I, as a "beginner Bot" has succeeded only say that the bot, served its purpose, sections perform their functions well, easy to understand and easy to dream ... in prison.

That's it for the first who finds spelling errors can keep them and wish you much fun

Mfg. Dome

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