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Respect and recognition HD-PSU2 Experiences with WoW glider 11 April 29, 2008 17: 35
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ALT 30.12.2010
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Battle of the claw

Respect! - Posted: 30/12/2010
So I have to say ehlrlich, the BOT is the bomb!

After I get my access was yesterday, and I gave the set times had so rudely, I was just shocked because nothing was ^ ^.

thanks to help from the admin, but I was able to quickly get started with my lvl 20 hunter.

However, few settings are necessary, but far from last night at lvl 26 (rest of night)

So it's really fun when the offered quests to sit and watch xDDD.

So to run it but do not trust myself without supervision, must also not great on my acer wow leuft netbook. so I always have one eye on it.

So I can only recommend to the BOT!!
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