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Frasor 18.01.2011 20:22

Everything optimally;)

I got the bot about 3 weeks ago bought, Key was soon emerged.
At first I came to the bot Nich clear, I'm the admin via Icq contacted and he has set me fix everything.
Klappt alles soweit wunderbar , ab und zu bleibt er hängen , ist zwar ärgerlich aber Cataclysm ist ja noch nicht solange draußen ;) wird schon noch besser.

The support here is great! Freudlich always, there is always help directly.

The only thing I do not like the lack of profiles and the high price. I hardly find sections and compared to the competition is the bot really expensive!

Mfg. Alex!

svenmarian 21.01.2011 14:10

Good feedback!

On the subject of profiles, I do not know whether you are trying to make you have one, BUT apparently not! This is soooo easy dog miserable. Klapperst mim flying mount etc. from the road, come back to the beginning point walk, past the post box, then the npc repp. Tadaaa to a maximum of 10 minutes you have a profile which you can nights through farming.
Ganz ohne mühsames forum durchsuche. Genau so wie dus willst! :)

And the bot is'' expensive'', YES! This is a fact. But if you want you can you look at the times of'' competitive'' banforen and then consider again whether you can find it in the € 12.50 per month keywert. !


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