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Freshman and first impressions
ALT 22.02.2011
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Freshman and first impressions - Posted: 22.02.2011
I have now also decided to try something and I'll be honest, the fear is great because I actively been playing since Classic and my Acc I heillig.

No sooner said than done, since I 10min now the bot and everything went very quickly.
I had beforehand made me stop what is already clever or me here in the forum read everything.

The video guides to fine and are recommended only

Now have to test a LVL 1 Man villains created with a Probeacc to see just what is going on, whether it works and how it works.

I have not looked at the clock but to do what in a few minutes without LVL fifth

Drum also my first impression of the bot is positive!

The course is not the reason why I have that now risen but because I want my 4th Twink of 54 as quickly as possible gamble on 75 and I can leave my main farming with herbs and mining.
I just do not want to level more even if there are not much LVL is also farming in the long run since it currently flows through the desert gold

Sun models, I'm going to zuschaun something else and be happy (hopefully) and then fire up the days of my Mage from LVL 54th
But for that I write more later, I just wanted to say my first impression because I've never used something like that and am just thrilled

Beautiful evening and until the days daweil
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