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Already gebotet, rebotting @ lvl 65
ALT 24.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2008
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Already gebotet, rebotting @ lvl 65 - Posted: 24.03.2011
Good day,

I gebottet some time ago with the Glider was also very good for all its relations.

Now I've started playing WoW again or it will (but only one char at lvl 65), but in a month is my final exam. So what? Exactly, botting!

With regard to the Glider, I was disappointed that it ertmal it no longer existed, only the new bot Then I read some reviews first and was to be amazed that the bot makes virtually everything by itself, without which great set.

2-3 days before I bought the bot and waiting on my confirmation email etas longer (~ 3-5 hours). It is clear, does not slow long, I'm used to such mails faster but in the end it comes to one hour earlier or later does not (but yes you know how it is when you're waiting for something )

First of all set according to the instructions and videos from indie WoW. Bot angeschmissen in Zangarmarsh and somehow was nothing around. But was himself to me, because I have not settled down to the exact process, and Quest. I'm simply in an area where I had no quest, this is selected in the Process list and simply press the Start button, and Zack, since läufts like clockwork. The bot will do everything great so far. Quests Repairen and whatever else goes with it. Once he was stucked after he died, and once he has taken on a quest with too many at once. Since I had to stop to intervene but was not so tragic.

The bot can only recommend, I found the glider very well but he is here simply because of the quest and farm Optionn (without profiles or set out looking) great. The PvP I have not tried yet but I think it is no less bad.

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ALT 31.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2008
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So I sign up again, nothing more is running smoothly.

Meanwhile, he is lvl 77, and I myself have much to beigegtragen. Stucco and / or complications pile up more and more. I think the longest he ran at a time was 3 hours (Quest Mode), then gave stucco where it could go no further, find NPC or fail allgemine Quest Fails.

When I attempt to grind it also happens that he dies at some point and then gets into a vicious circle of death, again and again / stuck to the cemetery from the funeral.

Meanwhile, I have to say that I the Glider (if he really had a good profile was simply more reliable.

You can say I am now acidified zimelich, it can not be that he does not get on the Reige times more than 3 hours or questing to grind. I have created just that he Inis good equip but still it fails. Usually after he died once ("Safe" mode for Resurrection is well and also with different distances gepsielt to the corpse, it Duch problem is not even out mostly stucco)

The whole thing in my view, no longer makes sense because I am (now) more upset than me, it's fun. The 2-3 hours when he is doing what, do not compete. Because I can sit down and myself, I have less frustration here.

I am happy every day, "but today everything beautiful a setting yourself before you go to work, is what I call good half hour, schauste same time" yes, and then 1 1/2 hour later just crap. As you get just a bad mood. Unfortunately, my cable upload speed is not so good that I can do anything, go rough things, but really only the most minimal.

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ALT 04.04.2011
Registered since: Mar 2008
Contributions: 33

I will now say again what the bot.

After I vented a bit, and I've taken more or less independently at 80, I can run through the bot times right from the beginning his thing, if I myself had no zwischendruch relish him to stop and quests themselves. So far it works very well. Once he came ncht continue because an elite mob and an escort quest I had to grab him by the arm and 2 times I had to unmount it and let fly a tad deeper because he was too far away from the NPC but otherwise really accurate.

If he is 85 and has farmed some work and money I will be again a Char (Warrior or Priest) of 1-85 leveling totally INDEPENDENT without themselves what to do (except of course if he comes on and off and at times an instance) . After that I'll be smarter.
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