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thick praise!
ALT 11.04.2011
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thick praise! -Posted: 11.04.2011
Good day,

I ordered the bot last Monday. The email I received within 4 hours!

In the evening, of course, immediately tried and running since the bot perfectly, I tested the quest and gather mode. Quest mode ran without problems until level 8 in a few minutes.
Since I'm a druid with KK I of course immediately once farmed bissl and what happened to me, which I will never again passing
I am spontaneous and have forgotten to take a shower after that the bot is still running, 3 hours later I go to the computer, and he bot is running, I thought OMG ... He is determined iwo or so ..
But what was the bags nearly full shade with jasmine without dying once, without alarm, without anything.
Only genius I tell you!
I'm now in the day the bot always 1 hour 30 min at (2 episodes are exactly my series before going to sleep ^ ^). and I alone made daily by KK loose 1k gold.

For support, I can say is OUTSTANDING! I had a few questions before ordering and they were answered me very fast and very helpful.

I can only recommend this bot, botting if you want.

I have also tested the profiles of users already and I must say I am very pleased also.
Keep it up

I will now draw up to 85 times a paladin and once I'm ready I'll post here my experience

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