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i love it
ALT 06.05.2011
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i love it - Posted: 06.05.2011
I love the bot ... the is so great ... keep it up guys

I am looking forward to 85 when my botchar is and can I nexus

questing runs fine ... was even attacked once and I won within seconds

What I find especially nice is that you can get such a quick update after update .. wow then one must never wait long.

the only thing that bothers me a little is that the char grinds every now and then ... 3/4 level only ... once even almost 2 level .. although I have the char gebotet from the beginning.

and sometimes the quest area is kept very small so that it strikes the people that there is provided a ... because he was stretching the same small repeatedly traversing the ...
and he flies with only 80 instead of 60 is also very striking, since the fly is so very cheap and everyone can afford it with 60.

otherwise just tooooooooop

The money is definitely worth it
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