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Small tip for start
ALT 05.07.2011
Avatar legasto
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Battle of the claw

Small tip for start - Posted: 07/05/2011
So to all who have offered the gehohlt want to move a char from 1-85 high

I recommend using one if it is available to 85-bg botting to farm honor
farm for enough to honor you two pieces of armor and a good weapon or Zauberstarb (account-bound items) to buy. Once you have them send you to your char over to wish her lvln high and comes with a char into a guild that has the 10% subsidy for killed mobs and quests.
Then nothing can get in the way you stand to LvL'n to quickly and safely
PS: You do not always make the thoughtless, the char ne ordinary Rüssi.

Hope you liked the tip.

MFG Legasto
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Online now!
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ALT 05.07.2011
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Yes is something very new ...
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ALT 05.07.2011
Avatar by zjanz
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But that's really the normals to maketh it so right? xD

But a good tip for beginners

mfg jan
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ALT 05.07.2011
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would be best if you actually exchanged in the honor and justice points pve Accs buys
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