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Field report blood elf Paladin
ALT 23.08.2011
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Field report blood elf Paladin - Posted: 08/23/2011
Well then I will sometimes post my experience.

Granted, I've been already often times sporadic farms or vocational skilling used the bot and this has always been far too worked quite well, but I've leveled so still not the bot

Having now but on Friday my main acc got banned, I thought I could not care less now so now it's also .

So created new acc and off we went.

Did you name created Blood Elf paladin and I can only recommend it for lvl lvl.

Have now 1 day and 8 hours and I'm already lvl Played 41st

So much for speed.
Otherwise, I can now complain auch nich really believe what had been only 3 or 4 times where he got stuck and once when he wanted to make a quest that he had not finished.

So positive short summary:

- LVLT quester and how can I find a decent speed
- Hard to detect errors in Quest Mode
- Easy boarding

So the only thing that bothers me when Pala's previously Bissel not he uses all the attacks at his disposal, I think sometimes the bot will not recognize how much Holy Power is built and therefore uses non-Templar Verdict, or I've got something set wrong whatever may be good ^ ^

So far this is so my experience of 1-41 in a day and 8 hours Played.

More when I'm 80 
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ALT 16.09.2011
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Thank you for your report!

But I would rather say that there is a review, instead of a level's diary, so did self moved it!

LG Admin
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