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My opinion to the the bot.
ALT 11.12.2011
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My opinion to the the bot. - Posted: 11/12/2011
So I am an old customer of Piroxbots. Did the bot used several years and been writing their own profiles to search because they are now but soon I no longer have me on for a new made and you discovered. I've got 5 hrs zuanfang first test to see how the whole system is built up. I am very impressed because it is much easy to use. You have no macros written anything. I've only ausporbiert questing + grinding, and it is much better than pirox. The farms I have not getest I would make the days as well as pending and will be then to my feedback. So far everything's good work. But pity the one for bot can not buy on Lifetime.

But a small problem I have. I skimmed my quest with the bot, once every few minutes and high komtm a mana potion Arlam empty and the message I did not quite understand what he wants because of me. I've got cookies and manastones everything.

Lg Kinlaguna1
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ALT 11.12.2011
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Thank you for your review are, I think that now a lot of change from pirox / want and therefore your review is really an added value for people who are still not sure.
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