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New experience with the Fairplaybot
ALT 14.12.2011
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New experience with the Fairplaybot - Posted: 14.12.2011
Hi my name is Chris,
I've bought the Fairplaybot about 3 days ago.
Since I have little time to iMom levels because of the occupation, etc., I thought I would try the bot a try.
After 2maligen watch the videos and read the instructions DOING everything worked immediately.
I'm really amazed. The bot questet for a farm for gold by the way he still Kürchnert and builds from ores.
What more could you want? Botte my Char now since half 2 days'm lvl 48 and if you take yourself Bock has to play then you can do this quietly, because you can at any time since start where you left off.

So I can only recommend the Fairplaybot.

LG Chris
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ALT 14.12.2011
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Haste from lvl 1-48 Please support us?
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ALT 17.12.2011
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impossible days from 1-48 in 2

Property me the pure play time ^^
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ALT 20.12.2011
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Course, this is possible - Account Items + Bonus guild manage on a day already 1-35 if not more
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