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My own opinion and tips!
ALT 07.01.2012
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My own opinion and tips! - Posted: 07/01/2012
Hello Dear Fairplay community-Bot!

So I tested some functions (Quest mode, farm-mode) and I'm surprised to be handled like simple fair play bot is (compared to other bots), of course, must be explained before look at the instructions and the videos carefully, then all by itself!

I say to you, read the best Darkys bids for safe Botten can carefully, but as I said you always get caught, remains the best in front of the PC sitting, do not you at once anflüstert a GM, and every now and then in your guild, for example when Gz has a success tralized controls, and I'm good for us at the farm then it all falls not so!

AND DO NOT EVEN durchbotten-afk and let go, I know it misled, because everything is automated, but overdo it and you should not max. 4-6 hours a day, the less you Botet, getting caught, the lower the chance, I personally botte 4-6 hours a day and see the BoT on his work!


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ALT 07.01.2012
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Battle of the claw

You are right we should not so much the piece botting ..
did it still did it hehehe got my hunter days are 8 continuous run at lvl 80 now just turned. It became my main acc look also dispelled once the pack even if se ^ ^
But otherwise I can only recommend Darkys Bids
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ALT 07.01.2012
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I've been botting on 2Tagen .. But I'm also attracted by the alarm around the clock ..
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