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Le Bot deluxe
ALT 03/19/2012
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Le Bot deluxe - Posted: 03/19/2012

would now also offered to give my two cents times!
CUSTOM function properly only gather!
Ores mainly in Uldum? Well ma read was longer than planned because House auser Bot weill I run on it is verhgaß Well 48 hrs botting quite striking! Of course, I will ban dannach but like I said was my fault!
Bot farm for the really amazing and if you really set in, he is also one of the most secure because I know you!
Currently, my little rogue farm for leather, of course, be diligent in Uldum wiedermal!
But this time not even without a regulatory minute!
In addition, the bot will meet the security measures that secure botting whole lot easier!

To as phase-down, well I want to say wass on the Internet because not everything is running just 24/7 around!

Conclusion, offered top, bring his power far beyond me as I expected! If man does not exaggerate the chances endeckt be equal to 0!
But as so often said, with its main Bottet who to blame!

greetz a satisfied user =)
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