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Mage food
ALT 18.12.2011
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Mage food - Posted: 18/12/2011
Hi people.
So just lvl a mage runs quite well. So am now become lvl 42nd From lvl mage can make the food yourself. So my problem now is. Have at the bar or setting ge'ndert nothing. The only thing I did when I was at teacher's. The vats f [r afford to take the food in the. Now make the bot if I start it. That no matter what the address began in Maenge I just eat more and produce nothing else does. If I do a strip from the vats out again suppose. Does he only eat after what he has and then runs back to normal. I have looked after the guid. And as I was ordered to determine the make of the seemingly offered do not know which manufactures food the magician no longer been watering and drinking but only one part cake * f * [r both. Weis one of you a l; solution daf [r. Achso just noticed yet. He listens to it when ihrgend. Sits down and does nothing.
I f [r any help appreciated

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ok please request the l; between. After looking closer I found the error. Had key assignment itself ge'ndert and eat me when prescribed in the series ``

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